Thursday, September 20, 2007

Wrong moves

Dictatorship is an antonym of democracy, something obviously opposite. It is something so clearly in negation to democracy that I can’t help asking myself, do we really need to waste our time, money and effort to try and drag something that is so visibly contradictory to democracy in the highest courts and hope that judges may change it’s meaning. No matter what happens in the court, dictatorship would still be unacceptable and illegitimate in a democratic environment. So there is no need to try to have something justified that is evidently wrong and deplorable.

The amount of time and thought that is being spent in this unnecessary exercise in court can be spent in resolving issues like terrorism and the so-called war on terrorism in which hundreds of Pakistanis have lost their lives. The efforts that are being made in conducting this dull stage-show can be of substantial outcome if applied towards sincere national reconciliation that can lead to stability. The money that is being wasted on such stupidity can be used for the welfare of the people of Pakistan and to alleviate poverty. None of the actions taken by the government is either logical or morally acceptable.

It is mind boggling that on one side government is trying their level best and working day and night in exploring every possible option, whether legal or illegal, to remain in power and on the other side people are dying everyday in suicide bombings and no one cares. On one hand leaders are spending millions to find loopholes in the law and are even willing to change the constitution for a single person and on the other hand tens of thousands of Pakistanis, women and children sleep on empty stomachs every night.

If you ask them why they are doing it, they reply that it is in the interest of the nation. Someone said that patriotism is the last hope of a scoundrel; after seeing these leaders, perhaps that someone was right.

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