Thursday, October 25, 2007

Feminism: A flawed concept

The victory of capitalistic democracy over other economic and political systems has shaped the face of the world to what it is today. The global monopoly of capitalism has paved the way for a new world order, where other socio-economic and political systems like Islam and left overs of Communism are considered as a threat to a single system in the world. Nations now are run like businesses and people are used like labor. If one sits back and see, the world seems like a pyramid where an average man and majority is at the bottom and the handful of bankers with all the money are right at the top. The effort-input of the people doubles the profit of the bankers who have a strangle hold on the people through credit, interests and taxes. The more people work the more profitable the business is. Every nation in general has a balance between both sexes in terms of numbers. No business man wants 50% of his work force to sit in the houses and do nothing. So this is where “feminism” comes into play.

The women are now being tempted in different ways to come out of the houses and run the machines with men; tricked out of having families and becoming slaves to the new world order. Being lightly dressed and having more sexual partners is considered as a sign of freedom and independence for the women. Feminism appeals to women and makes them want to have total freedom and jobs, being in bed with different men and looking like a model with little or no clothes. Men on the other hand are restricted with stupid laws to so-called protect the right of women. With these laws a woman can fearlessly integrate in this capitalistic system as a valuable worker and at the same time be as lightly dressed as she wants to and sleep with any man she wants; without the fear of any criticism or action against her. This unnatural and one-sided view of equality in feminism is destroying the family system and promoting individualism where both sexes instead of depending on each other are now being isolated. The religious and moral values now are being considered as ancient and unnecessary. The beautiful ideas of love, marriage and family are now being replaced with unnatural, depraved and deplorable philosophies.

These new immoral and false concepts, which appeal to women, are being promoted by bankers with liberal fascists actively using the media and only these people benefit from it and the woman is at loss. She will lose the respect she deserves, she will miss being a wife and having a loving husband and becoming a mother and will then regret it later in her life; and there are several examples of such resenting women. I am not against women with careers; I am just against the social and immoral side effects of feminism that is bringing in a lot of evil and destroying the family system that is the basis of a good society. Feminism is like taking a step backwards then moving forward, it makes the woman as an item for bid in a show case and degrades and lessens the respect for her. By nature there is no plain and simple equality between a man and a woman; nature created them different for different reasons, but there exists a balance between both sexes that makes them equal. We just need to understand this natural balance; if we as human beings recognize our responsibilities, if we are taught well enough to respect each other and learn the moral and religious values and social ethics from the start then we would never need ugly philosophies like feminism.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Polygamous politics

The unholy matrimony between a dictator and a pseudo democratic alliance has been successful for years. The whole affair that never meant to be had its ups and downs but seemed to go well till Musharraf had a seven year itch. No one ever thought that Musharraf had hearts for BB as he considered BB as a corrupt leader and a serious security risk. So this new extra marital love affair of a dictator isn’t love at first sight it is more of a necessity. The forbidden becomes permissible in fatal situations for survival; so it was a desperate move by the dying dictatorship to stay alive.

Now what about the first wife? Of course she is angry and doesn’t want another woman (a Sautin) in the house. She doesn’t want to share her husband with anyone else and she will do everything to prevent such a union. So the reaction of PML-Q is exactly what was expected and justified and it is only the beginning and this brawl will go on till one goes out or down.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Who let the dogs out?

Police in every nation works for the people of the country. They are regarded as the guardians of society, enforcers of law and order, and they serve the people. On September 29, in Islamabad we saw a different story. We saw the police beating unarmed and peaceful civilian protesters and the media, which was the worst display of brutality by the police against the people they serve. We saw police even shelling Supreme Court and taking the law in their own hands by disrupting public order and damaging property. The irony is; it is not the first time the police in Pakistan did something they are not supposed to do.

Now the question is why did they do it? Police in Pakistan is for a different purpose; they serve the dark interests of the government not the people. It is a special force to weaken and eliminate any rising threat for the government from people of Pakistan and democracy and at the same time safe guard their masters (the government). This force is used on the people many times in the history of Pakistan. Sometimes I feel that we don’t have a police force in the country instead we have some government body guards calling themselves the police. By having such a force shows how scared the government is from the people of Pakistan, which then also tells us that the government officials are not the true representatives of the people.

If one thinks of an analogy to better understand the "police"; Pakistani police is like hungry dogs who feed on the blood of the people. Not wild stray dogs but ultimate K9s of the government especially trained to scare and suppress the people of Pakistan by force so that the people can't rise and voice against the cruel and illegitimate leaders. They are purposely kept hungry by their masters to allow them just to feed on the people. Every trained dog serves it’s master and does what it’s master wills; the same is true for the police in this country.