Thursday, September 27, 2007

Vulgar display of power

Recent verbal adventures by some people associated with the government have put a dirty "black" stain on the "face" of the government. This attitude spawns from the power given to these people without the fear of any accountability and consequence. The recent unethical and offensive comments (heard by millions of Pakistanis on Nationwide television) by some senior personalities linked with the government show the state of aggravation the government is in. These people face the music everyday representing their illegitimate leader while they try to justify things that are so obviously wrong (like dictatorship). The reason for them to be so agitated is their own failure to prove their point and their selection of words without any sign of fear in their eyes indicates that they can get away with it. They also know that the nation doesn't like them because they have chosen a wrong side that is hated by the masses. So their vulgarity clearly is a result of their frustration.

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