Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (a.k.a PML-Q)

The invincible superheroes of democracy, who believe that democracy, can only prevail under the shadow of dictatorship. They believe that without dictatorship one cannot sense the importance of democracy that is why dictatorship is inevitable for Pakistan. They believe that the bunch of them is the best of 160 million Pakistanis and that is why they don’t find it necessary to listen to the so-called less knowing and inept people of the country. They are not ordinary people they have the superpowers of disloyalty, dishonesty, lying and immorality. They believe it is better to lie then to speak the truth because truth may be too complicated for the simple Pakistanis to comprehend. They believe in the display of their superpowers to defeat the enemies who may make the inferior people of Pakistan develop some sort of superiority complex. Their leader, a caped crusader, a gentleman of high prestige and respect, whose suit is the source of his superhuman strength. He is the sole commander of the league who chose the best among the 160 million as his worthy side-kicks and the deserving members of the league. This is the powerful force of the new century that has changed the face of Pakistan. This is the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (a.k.a PML-Q).

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