Friday, September 14, 2007

tick tick tick...

If one sees the current internal situation of Pakistan, Pakistan feels like a time bomb ticking towards its destiny. Pakistan was never that unstable internally with a deteriorating image on the foreign front. Our selfish and corrupt leaders have planted this bomb with their own hands; how different are they from a suicide bomber? Fighting someone else’s war with its own people has made this country come to point where everything seems to be on the verge of collapse. The proxy war of United States against Pakistani citizens using Pakistani armed forces is now taking its toll and the country’s own army is being considered as an enemy. Everyone is now becoming rebellious in Pakistan. Apart from the lack of democracy, adding fuel to this inferno are the government’s flawed policies that are driven by the interests of foreign countries. These policies always compromised on national interests and weakened every institution in Pakistan. No institution in country at the moment is strong enough to solve the problems that have stemmed from the rule of cruel dictatorship that is pushing Pakistan closer to the edge of oblivion. The only institute that regained its respect and honor is the Judiciary, but as seen from the recent events, the Judiciary has been slapped again by the government by denying Pakistani citizens their basic rights. If the country’s own government denies its own people their basic rights then who will grant them? If the country’s own government does not uphold the law then how would they expect the people of the country to do so? The example of lawlessness is evident from the latest attack on Supreme Court in Karachi. Pakistan is so fragile at the moment that any wrong move can take us apart.

The reason we are all at this chaotic moment in time is that we never voiced against such actions. We let our corrupt leaders who don’t care about us, choose this explosive situation as our destiny. If something that stops working is changed; we the people of Pakistan need to gather and overthrow this flawed leadership and replace it with the one that cares about the people and national interests. It is about time we change our foreign policy and let the interest of the nation decide who our allies are and who are our enemies. The time is running out and we need to pull the plug now if we want to keep this bomb from exploding else one day we will be named with the countries like Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia and Algeria in the history of the world.

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Mudassar said...

All you have said is alright but before defining our own foreign policy we must realize "beggars are not chosers". First we should be a strong nation, or have a leader like Castro , then we can define our foreign policy the way you want.