Monday, December 3, 2007

Helen and the Trojan horse

The mockery in the name of elections is nearing; the stage is set for the crowning of the queen. The battle is on between the right and the wrong; the swords are out, thirsty and waiting behind the shinning armors. And we all know how just this battle will be; but then all is fair in love and war. The Trojan horse has done the damage; Helen is being rescued for the crowning. Maulana Fazal the modern Trojan horse has been used a lot of times by his master and he has stabbed in the back many times when the time was right. Maulana has proved to be one the most unreliable persons in today’s politics although he must himself think that he is a clever politician for some self satisfaction.

The way Maulana infiltrated the democratic alliance as a “friend” and stabbed everyone in the back, not even the Trojan horse of Troy could’ve done better. May be the whiff of power and the sweet smell of “halwa” the master is cooking is enough for the horse to be expecting a lot more to come in return for his services. The way Maulana has helped the cause of Benazir to be the next prime minister is just like the way the Trojan horse of Troy helped in the rescue of Helen. No matter how openly both parties point fingers at each other, both are meant to be together.

Although this union of selfish, opportunists and back stabbers is very dangerous for Pakistan but I am an optimist and the good thing that has come out of this is that one can now clearly see who stands with the people and who stands for vested interests. Now that we are days away from the crowning ceremony, Imran, APDM and others must feel betrayed but their principles must not change and resolve is now what is required from the true leaders of the future.

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