Saturday, December 8, 2007

Freedom doesn't come easy

dream the same thing every night
see a freedom in my sight.
- Metallica

I wake up at seven, have some breakfast go to work at nine, come home at seven, have some dinner and sleep at ten. Then I dream, I dream and do what I wanted in life and then wake up at seven again. To me my life is like a dream and my dreams bring me whatever I wanted to have in life. To me my dreams are real, my dreams are the reality and I dream of freedom every night. I wish it could be the other way round but when I wake up I push myself into neverland, a world that has no concept of freedom, and I offer myself to be controlled. I wish I could wake up and feel and smell the freedom in the air. Someone said that on average a man sleeps for twenty years in life and the average life of a man is sixty years. It makes me think that I am only free for the twenty years I sleep and live in imprisonment for forty. Why can't I control my own destiny, who takes away my freedom when I wake up? Life is more then waking up at seven and going to work at nine.

It is not divine intervention that grips me in chains and turns me into a zombie everyday. It is a manly force with manly shackles and the promises of freedom that carry chains with them. I think I can break these shakles but I can't break them alone. How many are there like me, how many like me lives freely for the twenty years they sleep. If we all join hands I don't see any reason not to taste the freedom we dream of every night. It is only the realization of the fact that we are in chains and the longing for the freedom in life.

So what is the right way to have that freedom? How many times have we tried? How many decades have passed and how many lives are lost? Now after all the struggles do we still think that the freedom comes easy? The answer is no. We should never allow anyone to rob us of our right to freedom and we should all go to every length to be free because we only live for sixty years and sleep for twenty.

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