Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Who is he trying to fool?

After all that happened for reasons that are so obvious, our president still is in denial. His rationale is so flawed that even a child can see through the smokescreen of lies he is trying to build. In the last interview to a foreign television channel, which was full of his blatant lies, he claimed that majority of the people of Pakistan are with him and only a handful of people are trying to undermine him. Let’s see what he meat by a “handful” of people that he has dealt with after the imposition of Emergency. These “handful” of people include the entire judiciary and all the lawyers, these “handful” of people include all the political parties of Pakistan and their workers, followers and families (except for one he created), these “handful” of people include all the private independent media channels and all the journalists, these “handful” of people include all the civilians who protest against dictatorship. I don’t think we even need to count these “handful” of people to understand what he “really” meant. “One man against the entire nation”, a quote of Ihtizaz Ahsen that very well sums it all up.

It just makes me laugh when I listen to the president and his claims. So who is he trying to fool? It can’t be the people of Pakistan because we all know where our president stands. It can’t be the West and United States because US is playing with Pakistan for a long time to be fooled by such statements, secondly US is the sole beneficiary of his actions. So who is the real audience of such lies? May be he himself needs some self satisfaction, may be he is trying to make himself know that he is popular. May be the fa├žade of lies are not for the people but for himself so that whatever he does against the interests of Pakistan he doesn’t feel bad. May be he is too arrogant to accept the actual facts and the “reality on ground” his favourite phrase that he uses very often in interviews.

It is a shame that after eight years of disaster where now Pakistan is on the edge of an abyss our president is still not taking responsibility for that. All the suicide attacks, the deaths of innocent people and the blood, all the lawlessness, all the hatred in the people of Pakistan for the army, all the compromises on national issues, all the heros of Pakistan thrown in jail and treated like terrorists, it all happened in his presidency and in his rule and still he is blaming others. It is time for our president to realise that he is a failure “a failed leader” and he should take responsibility like a man for what he has done with the country and resign. He should accept his fate and let the people of Pakistan choose their own destiny because we can no longer be fooled.

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