Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Beard or Mask?

Poor Imran became the victim of his own innocence in Punjab University. He didn’t realize that Qazi remained under the shadows of Mualana Fazal for quite a long time; and that Qazi has the same beard, the only difference is that its completely white. Qazi’s betrayal put him on the same side of the line where Mualana is standing alongside Musharraf. His action today has seriously hampered the movement against dictatorship and it is a very loud acceptance and his submission to Musharraf. His adventure in PU makes Qazi a blunt hypocrite like the others in Musharraf’s political platoon.

I know today Imran must feel betrayed and his infant party got yet another grave setback but that is the reality of Pakistan’s politics, that is the reality of the so-called Islamic political parties and that is the reality Imran must face and re-devise his political strategy to deal with these thugs. Clearly the people of Pakistan want to see a change; the fame of Imran is a thorn in the eye of every traditional, status quo loving political leader; Imran just needs to realize that. He has to learn not to trust everyone because the hypocrisy of the leaders here speaks for themselves. And I’m sure after this event he will etch it in his mind.

Qazi and his brethren have proved once again that it doesn’t matter if you have a beard because as long as you have vested interests in politics everyone is the same. The advantage is that the “Maulanas” can hide their real faces with their beards so their sick-intentions are well masked and their evil plot only unfolds when it’s too late. I am not against the beard but I am against the use of it; in Pakistan Islam is being used as a façade by these pseudo political leaders to have the blind following of the under-educated and naïve masses like jamiat and to gain the trust of sincere people like Imran. In the end they defame Islam; they defame themselves and leave every patriot and sincere Pakistani suffering. And I think after this incident the real faces of these hypocrites are exposed that were hiding behind their beard-like masks and opened the eyes of many Pakistanis like it opened mine. The good thing about this incident is that it filtered and put in spotlight a good, honest and sincere leader this country needs in the shape of Imran.


mensch said...

Dear Kamran, Assalamoalaikum,

it is very disappointing, i had a thought that jamateslami was the part of genuine opposition with sincere leadership, but now it seems the the leadership of jamateslami isnt different from "Mullanaa Fazl"; it is pitty .....

Kamran (Human) said...

I thought so myself.. but Maualana Fazal and Qazi used to be together so there must be alot in common between them.. secondly I think Qazi must be thinking of re-alliance with M.Fazal.. but nevertheless Imran paid a heavy price for trusting Qazi.. and I hope its not the end of PTI although Qazi tried his best...

Anonymous said...

Molna Qazi both are very shameful characters. IJT is a terrorist organization

Pak Tea House said...

Many thanks for updating us - this is tragic but also shows the naivete of IK who was following JI blindly -

Please do visit Pak Tea House -that shares several objectives of your site and we would welcome contributions from your team.

Anonymous said...

i feel sorry for Imran. You can trust Jamat. These ppl are black dot in face of pakistan

saeed said...

Dear friends
i was a big fan of QAZI and IJT
becoz these people were different
from Fazal but now its proved that
they are worst then Fazal
My request to you is that mobalize
the people close to you to not trust JI and vote for imran
thanks Dr Saeed

iShah said...

You're right. First Fazlu was exposed and now Qazi.
These religious parties are truly B-team of army. Democracy in general and independent judiciary in particular neither suite army nor religious parties.
Just remember the statement of Fazlu in the early days of 9th March issue that we should not make Iftikhar Chaudhary a hero. This is the true face of Fazlu.
May be its too early, but we should also concentrate on educating the normal people who vote these hypocrites.

the accuser said...

Jamiat e Tulba sucks big time. They were the stooges of Zia ul Haq and now they have proven themselves as loyal asslickers of this martial law imposer again.

Mudassar Babar said...

I would suggest, if we have some respect for the only hero we have produced then our team should stop playing the Indian series and come back as a protest this is the least we can do to get him out for what he has done for us, but unfortunately we are quite a shamelss bunch of people living under the stupid umbrella of Islamic republic of Pakistan

Ali Noor said...

Here is Cell no. of the top man of IJT at PU. Please call to record your protest or send SMS.

Name: Nasrullah Gauraya
Education: MA (Education)
Institute: Punjab University (Lahore)
Cell-1: 0300-9467244
Cell-2: 0333-4411280

Contact Details of other office bearers are at:

Ali Noor ...

Anonymous said...

Jamat-e-Islami and IJT is US funded.. if you read the history all the actions by Mualana "fox" Fazal and JUI always went in the favor of the Americans eventually... Why should we register protest to them? it will be like banging heads on a concrete wall and its gonna only hurt our heads...

Human said...

...and it will give us a head ache :)

We need to serve our energies by focusing on the real issue i.e. bring down Musharraf... if protests are to be registered they should be made to the Pakistan army.. Have the army realize the mistake they have made.. Army would never want a vacuum between the people and themselves... Army brought Mush to power only Army has the power to take him out...

Anonymous said...

"Kund hamjins ba hamjins parvaaz
Kabooter ba kabooter, baz ba baz"
Imran did not seserve friends like Qazi and Fazl, if history is any guide then MMA walas are always going to syand with eastablichment.
If you read Governor Punjab's interview on BBC, he is pleading to his western friends to give the regime a few weeks and everything will be under control. Obviously he id thinking about giving Imran treatment to everybody who agitates.

Saqib said...

A good article and some good after thoughts. These Mullahs are very dangerous. I consider them even more dangerous than any other danger Pakistan is facing. If you have an enemy or opponent you can make a plan to defend yourself against him. In this case IK has been up against the worst kind of munafiqeen. I wouldn't blame every common member of Mullah parties, but their leadership can no way be trusted.

Off course it's sad that our hero IK has been betrayed by these Mullahs, but we must also look at the bright side of this. IK can alone take pride in exposing one hypocrite after another. All these mafia politicians stand naked in front of those Pakistanis who want to understand. IK has been successful through out this campaign. He has exposed:
1. MQM and their terrorist activities.
2. PPP and their hypocrisy
3. Musharraf and his gangster regime
4. JUI with Maulana Diesel
5. JI/IJT with their worst kind of coward action against a national hero.
Shame on all these bandits/gangsters/mafia members.
The above mentioned parties/people stand naked and should not be able mislead the nation again, If it happens then we don't deserve better and we must accept that Pakistan eventually will end up as failed state. Though we - the people- who cares about Pakistan will not give up a just cause. We will fight on every platform to ensure that the just cause has the ultimate victory against the evil forces. We must stand firm to fight dictators and gangsters to free Pakistan. We must stand firm to have IK out of jail otherwise we will also be remembered as those who were just spectators, and that we will not be, inshallah!

Saqib Tasneem

Anonymous said...

The only reason Qazi and Co. wear their beards because they are ashamed to look at themselves in the mirror... beard to them is a mask.. they don't deserve to have beards; if they have any ounce of morality left in them after what they have done, they should shave off their beards...

khalid said...

am Phd student from IIUI. I am seeing the accident at pu and its aftershoks very closely. Daily i read news papers, websites to know minute by minute updates from the PU.
No doubt the behavior with imran was very painful and we all wants the savir punishment to those that capture imran.
i have read meany belogs, many articals and visited many forums showing the strong reaction against the wrong doers.
just when i heared this news my feelings were same like the feelings of you all people.
but after a couple of days my feelings are totaly changed.
aik student organisation sy main es baat ki bilkul tavaqu naheen rakta tha k wo apni ghalti ko tasleem kay gi. main tu hiran hi ah gia jb main ny suna k jamiat waloon ny es ghalti ko manaa hi nahi balke strict action bi lye hain.
21 members ko jinoon ny imran k sath batmizi ki thi jamiat sy faragh kr dya gia.
Jamait PU k president Ayub ny es ghalti ko apni ghalti samja aor resign dy dia.
Jamiat PU main hony waly es waqee ki tlafi k lye imran khan aor opposition k baqi leaders ko istaqbalya diny ka ilaan kr rehi hy.
JI waloon ny jamiat ke es ghalti ko ghalti hi keha hy. un ki side lainy k bjay unain imran sy excuse krny ka keha hy. koon baap apny baitoon ko mushkil time main akila churta hy. jamation ny jamiat waloon k sath jitna bura hashar kia hy wo sahid ap main sy koi soch b naan saky. jamaatye jamiat waloon sy baat krny ko teyar nazar naheen aaty, sirf punjab uni main hi naheen pury pakistan main saab ka evia yehi hy.\\
mujy samaj naheen es saab kuch k bawjud loog aor in sy kia chahty hain.
Jitni ghalti ho seza bi utni hi honi chahy.
Kia aap loog bhool gy hain Jinab Imran saib es sy qabl mushraf ki hamayt main pehly Persidential election main kitny bary jalsy ni krty rehy agar ham ny un ki us time ki ghalti ko mooaf kr dia hy tu jamiat waloon ki ye wali ghalti kioon naqabl-e-moaafi hy.
main naheen samjta ka agar kisi aor jamaat sy esi ghalti hoti b tu wo us ki telafii tu duur ki baat, ghalti ko maan hi laiti.
Jin taheekon ny zinda rehna hota hy wo forn apna mehsaba krti hain.
mian k jamiat ka saab sy bra mukhalif tha,
Imran khan k sath PU main jamiat waloon k es behavior ny nafrt ki aik aag lga di thi.
JO mrny marny p tulaa baitha tha.
Aj Jamiat waloon k ehsaas-e-nadamat ny dil jeet lye hain.
Koon apni kursi churta hy, Mr Ayub tum ny khud hi ye faisla kr k Jamiat waloon ki zindgi ka saboot dy dya hy.
Ali Noor tumara shukria k tum ny Jamiat waloon k contact numbers dy dye hain.
Jamiat waloo, tumari aik ghalt harkt ny jehan boat sari ndamtain aormushkilaat akati ki hain wehan tumari ghalti ko manaany aor us pr ndamat k emal ny booat saronn ki dil Jait lye hian.

“Allah Ko wo banda booat mehboob hy Jo ghalti krta hy, pir usy forn ehsas hota hy, us pr nadam hota hy, Allah ki teraf plt aata hy” Hadith Nabvi (PBUH).

Anonymous said...

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