Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Winds of change

Everything has a limit; and everything should reach it's limit to spawn a change. The dictatorship reached it's limit of oppression in the history of Pakistan and it's downfall was the sweet change that we felt in the air. But the people of Pakistan has a limit too, we have been watching our leaders betray us for quite sometime, we have been deprived of our basic human rights for decades. We have been living in deprivation for the past 60 years, 90% of our people don't live their lives fully. 10% of the people enjoys 90% of the countries resources. There is no difference between us and the drought stricken African countries; over there in Africa it is natural, and in Pakistan this deprivation of all sorts have been created by our leaders and agencies to suppress and control the people and to indulge us in little things so that we don't see the bigger plan against us.

And if our leaders don't understand our state and our frustration then we will reach our limit. And that day will be the day of Civil War, which will spawn another change for Pakistan and I think that change will be for the good and we desperately need it.

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