Monday, August 31, 2009

Lets do the right thing.

"Why should I suffer, for what I have done? Because I did the right thing"; that must be ticker tape running continuously in the mind of Musharaf. Why does he think that he did the right thing? An officer follows orders, to him it is the right thing to do. No matter what madness is bestowed upon him by the high command, the officer will follow it. The officer always follows orders, because that what he learns and that is all he is good at; to him even the wrong becomes right. May be musharraf thought that pleasing the US while in charge was just like following orders; and it was the right thing. But alas, he was wrong. It would help if he gets out of this hypnotic state of denial and face the facts. The signs of that are starting to show, as he is visiting some high profiles, in the mideast and the west in a desperate attempt to impede the inevitable.

Despite of all the chaos being created by old school intelligentsia (and some group from Sindh), everyone is on a single note playing the funeral songs for the dictator. PMLN has also stepped in to counter this chaos and to reiterate what the objectives should be, I think that was a good idea. It is time when APDM should also step in and back PMLN, it would also help them to get some political leverage. May be it is time for PMLQ to wash away some stains, if they realize that it is an opportunity for redemption. Of course more chaos will be created by some high-elements in the government and others in Musharraf's buddy list but it is time to build and sustain a political momentum against him. But most of all, people must rise like they did for the Chief Justice, they must rise again for the country and for themselves.

Do the right thing, they say, it will gratify some people and astonish the rest. It is time we do what is right. The right thing is the trial and eventual "end" of the dictator. It is time we show that people rule this country not some army-men and political goofs following foreign orders. And when we have done the right thing, we don't stop.

[Is that too much to ask? or do I have what the call Utopian Syndrome]

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