Monday, October 22, 2007

Polygamous politics

The unholy matrimony between a dictator and a pseudo democratic alliance has been successful for years. The whole affair that never meant to be had its ups and downs but seemed to go well till Musharraf had a seven year itch. No one ever thought that Musharraf had hearts for BB as he considered BB as a corrupt leader and a serious security risk. So this new extra marital love affair of a dictator isn’t love at first sight it is more of a necessity. The forbidden becomes permissible in fatal situations for survival; so it was a desperate move by the dying dictatorship to stay alive.

Now what about the first wife? Of course she is angry and doesn’t want another woman (a Sautin) in the house. She doesn’t want to share her husband with anyone else and she will do everything to prevent such a union. So the reaction of PML-Q is exactly what was expected and justified and it is only the beginning and this brawl will go on till one goes out or down.

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